I am merely sharing Architecture posts here in my blog and I only have few to name (i.e, Worldbex, Architecture events, Historical Places and etc.) So I came to a thought to make a Daily ― or Weekly (if I can't comply to a day-to-day basis) Dose of Architecture. So, my first post is a compilation of "Dictums from Famous Architects" I hope you guys, yes ― Architecture lovers/readers of mine, will be inspired right after you read this post as much as it did to me. *Epiphany


As of late, I am really busy as a beaver.  And the time I have now is very demanding. Setting aside my everyday errands and the blogger duties, I have been hardly hitting the books and I cannot afford any single minute wasted because, you know, time is precious. That is so cliché but seriously, time is indeed precious. Thus the “me” time moments I usually spend shopping is scratched off my list.

I have to admit I might be a borderline shopaholic. Who doesn’t love shopping anyway? But as I have said, my schedule is quite hectic. Nonetheless, I still have to soothe my lust for shopping though I have to do it without dragging myself to the mall. And that’s where the perks of online shopping butts in. You get to feed that lust with eye candy garbs and goodies without causing too much hassle for yourself.

Next week is gonna be the much anticipated Black Friday and I am pretty sure EricDress is gonna offer big time discounts so I gathered some stuffs to include in my wish list. 


Recently, I have been boggled why I have so many friends and batch-mates way back in high school and college that are getting married. Don’t get me wrong guys; wedding bells don’t give me any jitters or saying those sacred vows does not make me puke. It’s just that, or probably, there is still a kid in me and I have not realized that I am old enough for these stuff. Am I? I guess not. I believe I am still too young at heart and the idea of me walking down the aisle up to the altar seems far fetched as of this time. Probably, not just yet.

But just like any girl’s dream, I want to be the loveliest girl in the universe standing in front of the altar clad with a stunning wedding dress oozing with elegance. And truth be told, I am actually curious what I would look like in a wedding dress so I glued myself in front of the laptop searching and browsing for these sophisticated wedding dresses at Weddingshe. (They also have Long Evening Dresses and Designer Evening Dresses 2015)I cannot really believe I am doing this. Haha!

So I was thinking, can I possibly be like Cinderella or Ariel comes my wedding day? I being the bride really still appears improbable but the thought of being a princess on that special looks cute.



READING my reviewers and I'm running of time? lol 

WRITING an article about something that interests me for quite a while now..

LISTENING "Overdrive" by Ola

THINKING that its a good thing to find and surround yourself with people who aren't sad all the time because it kind of gives you a faded hope

SMELLING a lemon fragrance

WISHING to have more wishes

HOPING to see that the word 'love' is buried at the bottom of vodka bottles

WEARING a glittery shirt and a pair of denim jeans

LOVING peoples' faces light up when I compliment them like its so easy to just make people feel happy. Simple joys.

WANTING to cut my hair

NEEDING 938217831 hours of sleep

FEELING insane the fact that some people don't automatically want to watch the stars when they're out some nights

CLICKING Feedly and currently gathering dictum from famous architects and posting it on Twitter.