August 25, 2014


They say you can never go wrong with basics. My wardrobe staples would be a white top and an acid wash denim shorts. They're simple, versatile and can be worn with almost anything, at any time of the year! You can never go wrong with plain staple pieces. They're classics that never get outdated and go with absolutely everything. Check out Closet in Pink if you want to have one!

August 17, 2014


I gave a good news for you guys! Ripples by Jenny, one of my favorite sponsor decided to sell eye-wears! Their Sunglasses and lenses are superbly cheap and chic! Follow Ripples by Jenny Eyewear on Instagram.

August 15, 2014


Have you ever tried a nail extension? If you haven't yet, well you should put it on your list! Lately, there has been a new entrant in the to-do list for being a true fashionista – The Nail Extensions! Why? Because chipped nail polish and uneven nails, considered as a big disaster in the fashion circle, can play spoilsport to your otherwise glamorous persona. We are sure you would agree that beautiful hands and nails are important first impression makers for both men and women. Now you no longer need to shy away from shaking hands, rather it will be something you will look forward to all the time thanks to So Chelle Nails!

August 5, 2014


Earrings are the necessary part in life, it can make you come to be the focus in special occasions like a party or wedding ceremony and daily life. Earrings can be invisible studs or hug in an earring which “hugs” your earlobe. They can be appealing long earrings for women, also fashionable ones for men. Until now, it has developed into variety of breeds after a long time of history. Tbdress offers you all those fashion earrings above after a long time of professional running, they definitely know what you want, so they designed for needing, Someone may like simple unique ones to show their personality, some may like sophisticated ones better for the artistic elements contains in it. Some even choose the special ones which inspired by movies or fashion trends of other fields. Although so many kinds being lain out on thei site, one thing is for sure that all these fascinating earrings are in top-quality and cheap earrings. Tbdress is just the page with every perfect fashion earrings on it for each one of you. With the quick delivery and warm-hearted service team, this will be the perfect shopping online. Just moving your mouse lightly, you can own them.

August 1, 2014


It was supposed to be just another ordinary day, until a package arrived in my doorstep. It was a Gold Sandals from Sheos Manila. I was in awe when I opened the package. If you've been following my blog and instagram you know how much I fancy gold stuff. It was actually a second time that SheosMNL sent me a gold shoes. Thank you Sheos MNL for being so sweet and thoughtful! I'm not used and I don't like surprises but this one I can consider.