I seem to have hit that wall once again wherein I feel just out of my element, and then I disconnect. If you’ve been a reader of mine for quite a while, you’ll know this to be true. I’ve been staying off the internet as much as possible (on my laptop at least, but I stay connected on social media through my phone). My life's been pretty stressful lately.

2015 is fast approaching and I don't know what to feel. Should I be happy because there's a new chapter waiting for me? Or am I still not ready for the boards? Here I am yet again, procrastinating in-front of my laptop when as I should be studying not writing. But it's all good, I need to channel my thoughts out from time to time, right? 

I have been lonesome for quite a while now and the feeling I had 4 months ago is still the same. Few weeks before the boards, I'll feel different but in positive way, I hope.


I have been studying out everyday at the nearest coffee shop that I could find from my place. Yup again I'm alone, this is where my advertent/stereotyping rolls in.

What I have observed around me:

1. Thesis Presentation. First, I have this guy beside me who's prolly studying medicine. Idk how he study but I get annoyed by his unnecessary actions/movements. If only I could take a video of him whilst studying, he's like a konduktor trying to attract passengers. ugh. Okay, I'll just face the opposite direction so that my peripheral vision won't see him. *smh

2. Sweet, flirting couple just right in-front of me. Gaaad can you quit being so cute and adorable. Please be considerate, I'm alone over here. Hahahahaha #jealous

3. Familiar Faces. I recognize that face, you were here yesterday studying too, it's nice to see you again.

4. Techie lawyer streaming funny videos in his laptop.

5. Skinny Love. A guy on a different table; tall, fair skinned, chinky eyes and kinda aloof kind of person- yup, he is just about my type lol, He's studying too and caught him staring at me several times. waaah okay-would-you-stop-im-shy

6. Noisy girls are all over the place. It's okay to chit-chat with your girls over coffee, I do that too. But please, control your volume. It's getting very very annoying. (Prolly why I took a break from studying and blog instead)

Anyhow, I think I should get back to studying now. Time is really ticking. Hihi Take care loves! Follow me on Twitter! I have been talking to myself lately help me haha


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If you've been following me on instagram (@tishaseptember), you are already familiar with the brand "Ripples by Jenny". Jenny had been sending me a lot of stuff from their shop; and they have been adding some new products lately i.e, Sunnies, Jewelry Tattoos, Chokers and now they also have watches!

It was a tough day for me and I don't know what could make my day any better, until the guard handed me a package. When I reached my room, I was so excited and opened it. Wow, Christmas came early! Ripples sent me their new items. So guys, if you're looking for gifts for your loved ones or for yourself this Christmas, you should definitely check out their shop.