I have been studying out everyday at the nearest coffee shop that I could find from my place. Yup again I'm alone, this is where my advertent/stereotyping rolls in.

What I have observed around me:

1. Thesis Presentation. First, I have this guy beside me who's prolly studying medicine. Idk how he study but I get annoyed by his unnecessary actions/movements. If only I could take a video of him whilst studying, he's like a konduktor trying to attract passengers. ugh. Okay, I'll just face the opposite direction so that my peripheral vision won't see him. *smh

2. Sweet, flirting couple just right in-front of me. Gaaad can you quit being so cute and adorable. Please be considerate, I'm alone over here. Hahahahaha #jealous

3. Familiar Faces. I recognize that face, you were here yesterday studying too, it's nice to see you again.

4. Techie lawyer streaming funny videos in his laptop.

5. Skinny Love. A guy on a different table; tall, fair skinned, chinky eyes and kinda aloof kind of person- yup, he is just about my type lol, He's studying too and caught him staring at me several times. waaah okay-would-you-stop-im-shy

6. Noisy girls are all over the place. It's okay to chit-chat with your girls over coffee, I do that too. But please, control your volume. It's getting very very annoying. (Prolly why I took a break from studying and blog instead)

Anyhow, I think I should get back to studying now. Time is really ticking. Hihi Take care loves! Follow me on Twitter! I have been talking to myself lately help me haha


I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. – Come on guys, sing with me. I can very much relate to this song right now because the Christmas spirit surrounding me is as cold as snow literally and figuratively. Though Jack Frost has no time visiting my beloved country to spread his winter magic, I still feel like I am in the fridge because of the chilly and breezy winds brought by the current weather disturbance. Adding insult to injury, it is actually the first time I am away from my loved ones for a long time so that pretty much makes it colder.

Anyway, let us inhale the good vibes and exhale the bad vibes. It is gonna be Christmas time. Sweet symphonies and vibrant lanterns lighting up the night will be all over the place and that is gonna make me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. But what makes it more exciting is the long list of wishes to ask from Santa. Do you have yours? I have mine already. Hmmm, I am actually thinking of hoodies or perhaps pullovers that will keep me warm at least for the time being so these goodies from Ericdress might be perfect.


READING random articles and tweets

WRITING this quick mandatory blog link up before I finally hit the sack.

LISTENING to someone talking while brushing its own teeth

THINKING that you assault my dreams and fill my reality with madness

SMELLING when time stands still, smell as many flowers as you can before they blow away in the wind

WISHING I could make the time stop

HOPING for something great to happen

WEARING polka dots top

LOVING my new body-con skirts that I bought earlier

WANTING to do something so bad with a positive outlook

NEEDING someone to sing me to sleep

FEELING when you finally get something that you always wanted.  

CLICKING my new Facebook page.


I am merely sharing Architecture posts here in my blog and I only have few to name (i.e, Worldbex, Architecture events, Historical Places and etc.) So I came to a thought to make a Daily ― or Weekly (if I can't comply to a day-to-day basis) Dose of Architecture. So, my first post is a compilation of "Dictums from Famous Architects" I hope you guys, yes ― Architecture lovers/readers of mine, will be inspired right after you read this post as much as it did to me. *Epiphany